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  1. How do I hook up an electric speedometer... ?
  2. How do i set the minimum idle speed on my TPI setup... ?
  3. Why doesn't my engine start with your fuel injection harness... ?
  4. How do i know what size engine i have... ?
  5. What do you mean by large cap or small cap distributor... ?
  6. Why does my PCM/Prom chip need to be programmed ?

How do I hook up an electric speedometer to along with your fuel injection setup?

The best way to is to contact your speedometer manufacturer and tell them what setup you have and they will tell you the proper way to connect it.  For example if you had a Tuned port system running a 700R4 with VSS,  thats what they would need to know to properly tell you how to connect it.

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How do i set the minimum idle speed on my TPI setup?

Use a jumper wire to jumper terminals A and B on the ALDL connector.  Once the terminals are jumpered, turn the ignition to the ON position without starting the vehicle.  Wait 30 seconds.  Remove the connector from the IAC valve (located below the TPS on the passenger side of the throttle body).  Start engine. To adjust minimum idle speed locate the adjusting screw on the left top of the throttle body (it may have a protective metal cap over it if it has never been adjusted, remove it and discard). Turn the small torx head screw until the desired idle speed is reached, rotating the torx screw clockwise to raise RPM, and counter-clockwise to lower RPM.  Once the idle RPM is set, turn off the engine and remove jumper wire.  Reconnect the connector onto the IAC.  Start engine. Idle speed is now once again governed by the ECM.  Next you will need to adjust your throttle position sensor.  With key on engine off probe the blue wire and black wire with a volt meter, next loosen the screws holding the sensor  to the throttle body.  Adjust the voltage to .55 volts by rotating the sensor up or down.  Tighten screws and remove volt meter.

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Why doesn't my engine start with your harness ... ?

The most common problem most DIY'ers encounter is no ignition power to the ECM  while cranking.  Check for 12 volts on all ignition hot sources to the harness and coil.

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How do i know what engine size i have ?

Most GM blocks will have the displacement cast into the rear left side of the block.  For example a 350 would say "5.7 LG".  The only exception to this is the newer gen III 4.8/5.3/6.0 truck blocks they are cast on the back of the block behind the flexplate/flywheel.  4.8 and 5.3 are identical and can only be identified by the serial number on the lower left side next to the oil filter.

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What do you mean by large cap or small cap distributor ?

Large cap is an Electronic advance distributor with the coil in the cap.  Small cap is and electronic advance distributor with the coil remotely mounted.

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Why does my PCM/Prom chip need to be programmed ?

Programming is needed to remove the antitheft functions (so the engine will start) and to remove emissions items along with setting the transmission shift points in the newer electronic transmissions.

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